Dealertrack Salesmaker:
2017 Dealers' Choice Platinum Award Winner

We may get the trophy, but you get a desking solution that helps deliver optimized profits. That sounds like a win-win – so take another look at Dealertrack Salesmaker. It’s an award-winning desking solution that helps structure the right deals with the right lender… and puts your customer in the right vehicle.

Key benefits include:

  • Reduce kicked deals with guaranteed data**
  • View and apply your preferred lender program for each retail and lease deal
  • Eliminate repetitive data entry

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**Limited Guarantee is a credit on next month’s invoice. To claim Limited Guarantee, report an Eligible Error within 24 hours of discovery and submit claim within 30 days of processing vehicle in Salesmaker. See full details, requirements, and limitations in Premium Component Addendum to Dealertrack Access Agreement.