Improve F&I profitability and enhance the F&I experience for customers with Dealertrack eMenu for iPad®.

Dealertrack eMenu for iPad allows car shoppers to independently educate themselves on your F&I offerings, giving them the confidence and knowledge needed to make a purchase - while letting you stay in control of the information shared.

Since implementation of this mobile solution, Straub Automotive has been happy with their results. The dealership saw a rise in profits with only partial adoption. But once Straub put eMenu for iPad at the core of their processes, a decision made based on the potential for significant bottom line improvements, profits jumped even higher.

Your aftermarket selling process should give you the confidence to increase customer engagement and F&I profitability. Learn how you can improve profitability with a consultative, mobile-first experience.


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*The average increase in F&I profit using eMenu for iPad® is $354 per deal. Dealertrack data January - July 2017.
*iPad is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.

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