Gain The Tools To
Reach New Profit Heights

Of all the parts of the car buying experience, customers consider negotiating deal terms to be the biggest uphill battle.*

Most dealers recognize this fact, but many fail to realize how much impact this customer pain has on their bottom line. By failing to equip their staff with the tools and technology to optimize the entire deal, every time, dealers are missing out: on deal options, on opportunities to provide outstanding customer experience and on additional profits.

With margins shrinking and sales slowing, it’s time to start selling smarter in the F&I process. Ascend to maximum profitability on every deal with the Dealertrack F&I platform. Workflow options include:

  • Desking: Understand all your lender program options and structure the most profitable deal, every time.

  • Menu: Increase F&I profits as much as $354**per deal with an integrated, interactive menu selling solution.

  • Compliance: Protect your bottom line with integrated compliance actions at every step of the deal and robust document storage.

*2018 Cox Automotive Dealer Communications & Operations Study
**Average increase when using eMenu for iPad® with eMenu vs. only eMenu, based on results from Dealertrack-subscribing dealers January 2017 –July 2017.

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