Get Your
Ducks In A Row

Discover organized, simplified out -of- state Reg & Title with RegUSA®.

A disorganized out-of-state registration and title process can lead to uncertainty and frustration – for the staff in your back office, and for the customer in your showroom.

RegUSA® helps cut through the clutter to deliver organized, easy-to-understand out-of-state Reg & Title administration, so you can turn the last step in your delivery into one more opportunity to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Eliminate the Uncertainty and guesswork.

The RegUSA® online tool integrates with most major DMS providers, so you can estimate motor vehicle fees and taxes with a minimum of keystrokes. We’ll help determine proper state forms and other documentation required to complete your deal, and you’ll have access to a library of forms* that you can print blank or pre-fill electronically.

Our team of professional Reg & Title experts understand the rules and requirements for all 50 states – so you don’t have to. We’ll work with you to help ensure that paperwork is completed thoroughly, liens are perfected accurately, and transactions are compliant with all state rules and requirements

An unbeatable customer (and back office) experience.

Review the deal-specific checklist with your customer before they leave the showroom, and reduce or eliminate call-backs for missing information. Choose to have completed deals sent to your dealership, or directly to your customer – and eliminate their need to visit their local motor vehicle office. Plus, our combination of online fee estimation and Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments mean that you’ll spend less time tracking down underpayments and/or writing refund checks.

Get your ducks in a row.

Watch this short video, and learn how RegUSA® can help you keep your ducks in a row for a simpler, more organized out-of-state Reg & Title process.

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